The Explorers program is targeted to children in the 3rd through 5/6th grades. In Explorers children will see what the Bible tells them about God, His Son and the special plan that He has for their life! God loves children and young people, and He has given us a special book that teaches us all about Him. That book is called the Bible. The Bible helps us to know who God is and how we should live. Explorers will help children to discover many wonderful things from the Bible as they explore it together. Get ready to go on an exciting Adventure with EXPLORERS!!

Take a look inside to discover:
What is God Like?
Where did we come from?
Who is Our  Enemy?
Who is the Promised Savior?
Jesus is Alive today!
Four Questions
I can become a child of God! 

Download Sample Books:
Explorers Book 1
Explorers Book 2
Explorers Book 3

Explorers Treasure Map:
Children place stickers on the treasure map after completing each section in their handbook.

Explorers Patch & Sticker
Uniform Patch Placement

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Pathfinders Seekers Explorers Voyagers Core       Jump Start Lingo scope
2yrs prior to K
  K - 2nd Grade 3rd - 5/6th Grades 6/7th - 8th Grades 9th - 12th Grades