The 5 Parts of Club


Compass Time (5 min) - In order for Venture Clubs to start out on a positive note each night, the beginning of the club should always start with Compass Time. This is a fun, fast paced time that can incorporate an opening skit, object lesson or game along with prayer. This is vital to a club and helps everyone start all together at one time.

This segment must always be first! This is a time for fun and noise. During this time let each child know they are welcomed and have come to a place where they are going to enjoy themselves.

• Punctuality - You MUST start on time!

• Assign - The children and leaders should be assigned to a team color or Compass Point.

• The children go immediately to their color or starting area of their “Compass Point” to start the evening.

• Preparation - Have one primary Compass Activity prepared for each night.


Treasure Time - Large Group Teaching (25 min) - Treasure Time is the large group segment of the Venture Clubs meeting. Singing takes place, and the evening’s lessons are reviewed along with an assigned speaker talking to the kids for 10-15 minutes.


• Worship Songs (3 or 4)

• Bible Lesson from Handbook

• Always Ask Questions During Lesson

• Review verse to be memorized

• Testimonies

• Invitation

• Prayer



Game Time Fun (25 min) - Games are Venture Clubs’ drawing card and they can be played on the Compass Floor outline or in any room setting. Be sure you are thoroughly acquainted with all the options to implement this segment into your program.



Discovery Time - Small Group Teaching (25 min) - This is the primary learning time for Venture Clubs, where small groups meet together with leaders. It’s the main time for pouring biblical truths into the lives of the children and young people. Mainly this time is dedicated to study of the Handbooks. Dialogue between children and leaders is encouraged in the small group setting, giving each young person the opportunity to answer important questions.  Recite/memorize verse and answer questions from the handbook. This time is the most important time in the club!

• Break into small groups for reciting the Memory Verse, answering the doctrinal Truth in their own words.

• Group size should be determined by the number of leaders.

• Enables leaders to work individually with clubbers challenging them to accept Christ as Savior and grow spiritually


Closing Time (10 min) - A time to acknowledge and award individual achievements of the night, make announcements, promote next week, acknowledge the 1st place team for the night and provide appropriate treats.

• Lead the review/reciting of the memory verse(s) (Give points for participation).

• Make announcements, which could include, next week’s activities, youth/children’s events at church, contests, etc…

• Acknowledge individual achievement levels of each clubber.

• Acknowledge First (1st) place team (Not Winner).

• Acknowledge 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams.

• Treats for everyone in attendance.

• Extra treat for 1st place.

Pathfinders Seekers Explorers Voyagers Core       Jump Start Lingo scope
2yrs prior to K
  K - 2nd Grade 3rd - 5/6th Grades 6/7th - 8th Grades 9th - 12th Grades